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14 August 2011 @ 01:29 am
Pachacamac and Pachamanca  
 I am currently taking a vacation in Peru, visiting my dad who works here. It's a nice summer (well winter actually) vacation, because I get free housing, food, and get to a foreign country, plus a spending allowance. Anyway, mostly I've been hanging around Lima- Miraflores if I wanted to be specific, but today I went out to Pachacamac, which besides having some pretty cool ruins, it's also the home of one of my dad's friends. And we were invited to his house for the day for a Pachamanca, which is a traditional Peruvian way of cooking, described here. It was absolutely delicious, and there was some of the most tender meat I have ever eaten, plus a new one called shoat, which I kid you not, is a cross between a sheep and a goat, supposedly not possible, but the proof stared me in my face and bleated at me all through dinner.

Besides that I get to go to Iquitos this weekend, and finally see the Amazon! I think I might get a Tumblr just so I can post my photos somewhere other than Facebook... We'll see, livejournal is confusing enough for me.
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