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15 August 2011 @ 01:40 am
So... Religion  
So lately I have been pretty interested in learning about the religions of the world. I was not raised with any religious tradition, or even with a disbelief in religion, it's just hasn't been there. My interest in religion started off vaguely Machiavellian, I've noticed that nearly every elected official is at least nominally religious, and I wanted to capitalize, on the off chance I chose to go for public office. Naturally, living in the United States, Christianity was the beginning of my explorations, and I soon noticed an extra benefit of religious research: my super religious "friends" finally stopped trying to convert me and invite me to their events! Super bonus points right there. Of course, that came after a bit of research, and finding a religion that has somewhat resonated (Unitarian Universalist, though I wouldn't truly identify myself as such yet).

Of course, my closest friends know that I am interested in religion, and so explain concepts and invite me to religious events without any background motivators (at least that they present to me- unconsciously or not), which I am grateful for. What sucks though, is that I don't know someone from every religion or school of thought that interests me, but I guess that that is what the internets are for, yeah? So I am trying to learn about religion, and have thus compiled the following topics to research:

  • Christianity

  • Unitarian Universalism
  • Paganism
      surprisingly interesting to me
      Egyptian Reconstructionist

  • Judaism
      Reform Judaism
      just in general, admittedly know next to nothing about this religion (actually this description follows for all the religions below)
      I really wish I knew a Jewish person... for some reason this religion confuses me, though I really like it, actually I wish I knew someone from each religion on this list

  • Hinduism
  • Buddhism
  • Philosophy
  • Baha'i
  • Shinto
  • Chinese Folk Religion and philosophy
  • Islam

    This'll involve a ton of research, but thankfully, college is starting soon, and there's an amazing amount of clubs, people and whatnot on campus. Eventually each
    religion will get it's own tag... some day.

    Today I found a quiz about religion, and depending on how you answered the questions, it would match you up to three religions that are most in-line with your views. My results are as follows:

    Neo-paganism (100%)

    Unitarian Universalism (93%)

    Reform Judaism (82%)

    Overall, the results indicated the things I am most interested in, though I have never heard of Reform Judaism. Nevertheless, it's going under my list of stuff to research. I've not been as diligent as I would like in my search of world religions and my own belief system. I hope to improve on that.
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